When Will Tesla Come to India? Latest Updates on Tesla’s Indian Plans

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Tesla’s Entry into the Indian Market

For years, the question on every Indian car enthusiast’s mind has been, “When will Tesla come to India?” Finally, it seems that we might have an answer. Tesla, the electric vehicle (EV) giant headed by Elon Musk, has initiated discussions with the Indian government regarding the establishment of a manufacturing facility in India. This facility would have the capacity to produce up to 5 lakh electric vehicles annually, with prices starting as low as ₹20 lakhs.

Tesla’s Vision for India

Apart from serving the domestic market, Tesla also has plans to utilize India as an export base, intending to ship EVs to countries in the Indo-Pacific region. This move aligns with Tesla’s global strategy to diversify its production beyond China.

This development comes after a pivotal meeting between Elon Musk and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the latter’s high-profile visit to the United States. Musk expressed his admiration for PM Modi and shared his intention to invest in India. This new proposal is seen as a significant boost for the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, encouraging local manufacturing and exports.

Challenges Faced by Tesla

Tesla’s interest in the Indian market isn’t new. The company has been eyeing India since 2019 and even incorporated Tesla India Motors and Energy in Bangalore in 2021. However, the high import duties on EVs in India posed a significant challenge. Electric vehicles priced under $40,000 were subject to a 60% import tax, which increased to 100% for vehicles priced above $40,000.

Tesla’s Adaptation and Future Plans

Initially, Tesla faced roadblocks in getting special incentives from the Indian government to reduce import duties. However, after several discussions and meetings between Tesla officials and Indian government representatives, a breakthrough seems to have occurred. Tesla agreed to comply with the government’s demand for local manufacturing and assembly units.

Furthermore, Tesla’s entry into India could significantly boost the country’s EV sector. The advantages of reduced labor costs and locally sourced materials could result in the production of an affordable $24,000 EV, priced at approximately ₹20 lakhs in the Indian market.

Tata Motors currently dominates the Indian EV market, with other players also holding significant shares. Tesla’s move toward affordability could force Indian automakers to rethink their strategies.

The Road Ahead

As discussions progress and Tesla India Motor & Energy recently leased an office space in Pune, it appears that the wheels are in motion for Tesla’s Indian journey. With Elon Musk showing interest in India on Twitter, the anticipation is building. While there are challenges to overcome, including government approvals and manufacturing setups, the possibility of Tesla’s presence on Indian streets is becoming more tangible.


The question, “When will Tesla come to India?” may finally have a promising answer. Tesla’s plans to establish a manufacturing facility in India, coupled with its vision for affordable EVs, could transform India’s automotive landscape. As discussions continue and developments unfold, India could soon witness a new era of electric mobility with Tesla at the forefront. Stay connected for more updates on Tesla’s Indian venture.

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