First Public EV Charging Plaza in India

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India’s First Public Electric Vehicle Charging Plaza Inaugurated in Delhi

In a significant stride towards a sustainable future, India marked a historic moment as Union Minister for Power, New and Renewable Energy, RK Singh, inaugurated the nation’s first public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging plaza. The momentous event took place at the Chelmsford Club in the heart of the national capital, New Delhi.

Promoting Energy Efficiency and E-Mobility

The newly inaugurated EV charging plaza stands as a testament to India’s commitment to enhancing energy efficiency and promoting e-mobility. As the world moves steadily towards eco-friendly transportation alternatives, this initiative signals India’s intention to be at the forefront of the EV revolution. The charging plaza itself is a modern marvel, equipped with five EV chargers, each designed to cater to different specifications.

A Milestone for Ubiquitous E-Mobility

During the inauguration ceremony, Union Minister RK Singh expressed his enthusiasm for this pioneering project, highlighting its importance in making e-mobility ubiquitous and convenient throughout India. He stated, “The EV charging plaza is a new avenue for making e-mobility ubiquitous and convenient in India. Such innovative initiatives are imperative for the creation of a robust e-mobility ecosystem in the country. My congratulations to both EESL and NDMC.”

This visionary project is a result of collaborative efforts between Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The partnership aims to revolutionize the way air conditioning systems operate in India’s workspaces to improve indoor air quality for safety and efficiency.

A Breath of Fresh Air Indoors: The RAISE Initiative

The Minister also launched the retrofit of air-conditioning to improve indoor air quality for safety and efficiency (RAISE) initiative. This joint endeavor by EESL and USAID seeks to address the pressing issue of indoor air quality in workplaces across the nation. Poor indoor air quality can have adverse effects on health and productivity. The RAISE initiative endeavors to make workspaces healthier and greener.

Minister Singh expressed his optimism about the RAISE initiative, stating, “I believe the RAISE initiative can potentially alleviate the issue of bad air quality in workspaces across the nation and pioneer ways to make them healthier and greener. I look forward to the success of their program.”

A Pilot for Healthy and Energy-Efficient Buildings

As part of this initiative, EESL has undertaken the retrofit of its office air-conditioning and ventilation system. The pilot project focuses on improving indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and energy efficiency in the office’s air conditioning system. EESL’s corporate office in Scope Complex has been chosen as the pilot location for this groundbreaking endeavor.

In conclusion, the inauguration of India’s first public EV charging plaza in New Delhi signifies a significant step toward a sustainable and eco-friendly future. This ambitious initiative, coupled with the RAISE program, showcases India’s commitment to revolutionizing its energy landscape for the betterment of its citizens and the environment.

As the world shifts towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation options, India is poised to be a leader in the global EV movement. With initiatives like the public EV charging plaza and RAISE, the nation is not only embracing green mobility but also paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.



What is the significance of the EV charging plaza inauguration in Delhi?

The inauguration of the EV charging plaza in Delhi is significant as it marks India’s commitment to promoting e-mobility and enhancing energy efficiency. It represents a major step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem.

What is the RAISE initiative, and why is it important?

The RAISE initiative, which stands for “Retrofit of Air-conditioning to improve Indoor air quality for Safety and Efficiency,” aims to improve indoor air quality in workspaces across India. It is essential because poor indoor air quality can negatively impact health and productivity. RAISE seeks to make workspaces healthier and greener.

How is EESL contributing to the RAISE initiative?

EESL, in partnership with USAID, is playing a pivotal role in the RAISE initiative. They have undertaken the retrofit of their office air-conditioning and ventilation system as a pilot project to improve indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and energy efficiency.

What does the inauguration of India’s first public EV charging plaza mean for the country’s e-mobility ecosystem?

The inauguration of the EV charging plaza signifies India’s commitment to making e-mobility convenient and widespread. It is a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards embracing electric vehicles and reducing its carbon footprint.

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