Tata Tiago EV vs. MG Comet: Clash of the Affordable EVs

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Enter the electrifying world of affordable electric cars as we pit two remarkable contenders, the MG Comet and Tata Tiago EV, head to head. The clash of these affordable EV titans reveals a battle for urban supremacy, style, and performance. In this electrifying showdown, we delve into every aspect that matters – from city maneuverability and power to range and safety, guiding you toward the electric car that best suits your lifestyle.

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Most affordable electric car in india, cheap electric cars in india, budget electric cars, mg comet

Two of the country’s most affordable electric cars go head-to-head. Which one reigns supreme?

AspectsMG CometTata Tiago EV
Visual ImpactAttention-grabbingContemporary design
InteriorElegant, high-techUpgraded with added features
City DrivingExceptional maneuverabilityComfort and ease of handling
Power & PerformanceAgile but not too quickQuick and agile
Ride & HandlingComfortable but not ideal on rough roadsSmooth ride with better handling
Range & Charging~180 km per chargeOver 200 km, fast-charging option
SafetyNot crash-tested4-star safety rating, higher sense of security
VerdictGreat urban runaboutSuperior performance, versatility

Visual Impact:

The MG Comet’s unique design grabs attention with its striking appearance, while the Tata Tiago EV offers a more contemporary look. The Comet turns heads, prompting inquiries about its price, while the Tiago EV blends in until you notice its green number plates.


Inside the Comet, you’ll find an elegant cabin with twin 10.25-inch screens. The digital display is sophisticated, and the steering wheel controls have an iPod-like feel. The Tiago EV’s dashboard is less upscale, with a smaller and less vibrant screen. However, it offers improved cabin comfort, auto headlamps, and auto wipers.

City Driving:

In city traffic, the Comet’s small size offers exceptional maneuverability. However, the Tiago EV feels larger and more comfortable, especially during U-turns and parking.

Power & Performance:

The Tiago EV outperforms the Comet. In VBOX tests, the Tiago reaches 0-60 km/h in 5.5 seconds, while the Comet takes 6.7 seconds. In real-world conditions, the Tiago feels more agile and handles overtaking with ease, although neither provides lightning-fast acceleration.

Ride & Handling:

The Tiago EV delivers a smoother ride and better handling, making it more comfortable on uneven roads. Its steering is well-connected, and body control is impressive. The Comet’s steering is direct, but the Tiago provides a more engaging experience.

Range & Charging:

The Comet offers a range of approximately 180 km on a single charge with a 17.3 kWh battery. In contrast, the Tiago EV comes in two variants, offering an impressive range of over 200 km and up to 230 km when driven efficiently. The Tiago EV also supports fast charging, allowing it to reach 80% charge in just 58 minutes.


While the standard Tiago received a 4-star safety rating from GNCAP, the Comet has not undergone crash testing. The Tiago’s seating position offers a sense of safety, with better crumple zones in the event of a collision.

Final Verdict:

Affordable EVs like the Comet and Tiago EV are not yet suitable as your only vehicle due to range limitations. However, they serve perfectly as secondary urban cars for daily commuting. Your choice depends on your priorities. The Comet excels as a city runabout, thanks to its maneuverability, but the Tiago EV offers superior performance and versatility. With its extra doors, boot space, and fast-charging capabilities, the Tiago EV emerges as the top pick for those who love to drive.

When choosing between the Tata Tiago EV and the MG Comet, prioritize your driving needs and preferences. The Tiago EV shines with its balance of performance, space, and charging options, making it a well-rounded choice for those considering an electric vehicle.

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