Tata Power and Assam Government Team Up to Drive EV Charging Revolution in Guwahati

Tata Power and Assam Government Join Forces for 10 Advanced EV Chargers Network, charging station, electric gas station,

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Tata Power and Assam Government Join Forces for 10 Advanced EV Chargers Network

Tata Power is set to bring a wave of eco-friendly mobility to Guwahati, Assam, by partnering with the state government. The collaboration, cemented through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), aims to make electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure accessible to the vibrant city.

As part of this initiative, Tata Power plans to establish a network of 10 advanced EV chargers at crucial locations across the city, including high-traffic areas like Dispur.

Tata Power and Assam Government Join Forces for 10 Advanced EV Chargers Network, electric car charging station, ev

The MoU signing ceremony was attended by Assam’s Transport Minister, Shri. Parimal Suklabaidya, along with other eminent dignitaries. This partnership exemplifies Tata Power’s commitment to promoting sustainable and environmentally conscious mobility, aligning perfectly with the Assam Government’s vision for eco-friendly transportation.

Shri. Parimal Suklabaidya, the Transport Minister of Assam, expressed, “In collaboration with Tata Power, a prominent leader in the electric charging sector, we exemplify our shared vision of advancing sustainability and improving the quality of life for the people of Assam. This initiative not only guarantees cleaner and more sustainable transportation but also a notable enhancement in the lives of our citizens.”

Mr. Virendra Goyal, Head of Business Development (EV Charging) at Tata Power, explained their strategic approach, saying, “In our steadfast pursuit of network expansion, we are meticulously exploring distinctive locations for charger deployment. Tata Power, through its expansive network, is driving adoption and mitigating range anxiety while driving Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption in Assam.”

Guwahati, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Assam, is not just famous for its natural beauty, but also as an emerging urban hub. This collaboration between Tata Power and the Assam government intends to make it a cleaner and greener city. As Tata Power spearheads this initiative, it not only champions modern transportation but also aligns with Assam’s vision for sustainable urban development and environmental preservation. This partnership signifies a significant step toward realizing a cleaner and more beautiful future for Assam, embracing the electric mobility transformation seamlessly within its picturesque landscapes.

Tata Power has already carved a significant niche for itself in the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging sector, boasting a market share of nearly 60%. Their extensive nationwide network, reaching more than 420 cities, offers a wide array of charging solutions. With over 59,000 home chargers, 4,800 public and semi-public charging points, and 430 bus charging stations, Tata Power is committed to enhancing EV charging accessibility across the nation.

Earlier this year, Tata Power introduced the EZ CHARGE card, an advanced RFID (Radio-frequency identification) card that’s set to redefine the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging experience for EV owners across the country.

Tata Power’s partnership with Assam is a significant milestone in the journey toward an eco-friendly and sustainable future for urban India. With their growing network of Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, Tata Power is taking a giant stride in making EVs a practical choice for the masses. This initiative not only reinforces the company’s commitment to clean energy but also represents a brighter, greener future for Assam’s inhabitants. As the electric mobility revolution charges ahead, Tata Power is leading the way.

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