Tata EV Nexon Dark Edition

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Explore the Tata Nexon EV Max and Nexon EV Prime Dark Editions: A Glimpse into Electric Brilliance

As the world embraces the electric vehicle revolution, Tata Motors introduces two remarkable contenders in the electric SUV space – the Tata Nexon EV Max and Nexon EV Prime #Dark Editions. These futuristic SUVs bring together cutting-edge technology, enhanced performance, and a touch of darkness that sets them apart. In this blog, we delve into the details of these captivating vehicles that mark a new era of driving.

Tata Nexon EV Max Dark Edition

Ex-showroom Price: ₹19,04,000

Experience the thrill of driving an electric powerhouse with the Nexon EV Max Dark Edition. Here are some highlights that make it stand out:

Performance in a Nutshell:

  • ARAI Certified Range: 453 km
  • Fast Charge (0%-80%): 56 minutes
  • 0-100 km/h: under 9 seconds
  • Torque: 250 Nm

Tata Nexon EV Prime Dark Edition

Ex-showroom Price: ₹17,19,000

The Nexon EV Prime #Dark Edition presents a unique blend of elegance and electric performance. Let’s explore its features:

Performance in a Glimpse:

  • ARAI Certified Range: 312 km
  • Fast Charge (10%-80%): 60 minutes
  • 0-100 km/h: under 9.9 seconds
  • Torque: 245 Nm

Tata Nexon EV Dark Edition’s Highlights


The Nexon EV Dark Edition leaves an impression with its exterior highlights:

  • Stylish Charcoal Grey alloy wheels
  • Satin Black humanity line
  • Satin Black beltline


Indulge in a world of comfort with the interior features of the Nexon EV Dark Edition:

  • Exclusive dark-themed leathrette seats
  • Door trims with tri-arrow perforations
  • Dark-themed Gloss Piano Black interior theme

ZIPTRON Technology:

Get ready to experience the revolution with the advanced ZIPTRON technology:

Motor Power129 PS
Torque245 Nm
Fast ChargingLiquid-cooled architecture
Battery EfficiencyConsistent Performance

Both the Tata Nexon EV Max and Nexon EV Prime Dark Editions redefine driving with their impressive performance, stunning aesthetics, and sustainable technology. These SUVs reflect Tata Motors’ commitment to shaping the future of mobility through innovation and electric brilliance. Whether you’re looking for extended range or exquisite features, the Nexon EV Max and Nexon EV Prime Dark Editions have something exceptional to offer.

Embrace the future of mobility with the Tata Nexon EV Max and Nexon EV Prime #Dark Editions. Electric vehicle technology has never looked so promising and captivating. Explore the world of sustainable driving with these remarkable SUVs that exemplify the brilliance of electric innovation.

For the most up-to-date information on pricing and feature updates, please refer to the official Tata Motors website.


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