Step by Step Guide | How to Open an Electric Car Charging Station in India? | Cost and More

how to open an EV charging station in India, electric car

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As electric vehicles (EVs) gain ground in India, the demand for electric car charging stations is surging. This comprehensive guide not only explains how to open an electric car charging station in India but also delves into critical factors, including the cost of EV charging stations in India and government guidelines.

Understanding the Opportunity

Electric vehicles are revolutionizing India’s automotive landscape. To capitalize on this transformation, establishing an electric car charging station is a smart investment. This guide takes you through the step-by-step process.

Step 1: Charger Selection

Choosing the right charger mix is paramount. Consider your location. Are you near a highway where travelers seek quick recharges, or is it a residential area where overnight charging is the norm?

Step 2: Grasping State Policies

Different states offer varying incentives and subsidies. Understanding your state’s policies can help reduce operational costs and pricing for users, making your station more attractive.

Step 3: Choosing Reliable Partners

Selecting experienced partners can make or break your charging station. Look for those who can help with operations, maintenance, promotion, and technology integration.

Essential Infrastructure

To open a successful electric car charging station, you need essential infrastructure:

Step 4: Substation Equipment

This involves transformers and safety apparatus to ensure safe and efficient charging.

Step 5: Cables and Meters

Installing 33/11 KV cables, meters, and related components is vital for accurate billing.

Step 6: Designated Parking

Provide a secure parking area for EV users while they charge their vehicles.

Step 7: Approved Chargers

Install chargers compliant with international and local standards.

Step 8: Security Measures

Implement safety protocols during the charging process to gain user trust.

Government Initiatives and Support

The Indian government actively promotes EV charging stations:

License-Free Setup

The elimination of licensing significantly reduces entry barriers for charging station operators.

Flexible Power Sourcing

Charging stations can source power from authorized providers, promoting competition and innovation.

Mandated Partnerships

Collaborating with network service providers for online bookings and remote charging slot reservations enhances the user experience.

Comprehensive Cost Breakdown

Setting up an EV charging station involves two main cost components:

Step 9: Infrastructural Costs

This includes land lease, transformers, civil works, maintenance, marketing, software integration, and more. Costs vary based on location and specific requirements.

Step 10: Charger Costs

The government mandates a minimum of two slow (AC) chargers and three fast (DC) chargers. Charger costs vary by type, with Bharat AC – 001 being the most affordable and CCS being the most expensive.

Exploring EV Charging Station Franchises

For entrepreneurs, EV charging station franchises offer exciting opportunities. Notable companies like Tata Power, Charge+Zone, and PlugNGO provide franchise options.

Decoding Public EV Charging Stations

Understanding how public charging stations function is crucial for operators and users, ensuring a seamless charging experience.

India’s Giant Charging Stations

The nation witnesses the emergence of colossal charging stations, such as the one on Delhi-Jaipur National Highway in Gurugram. Government subsidies further drive the expansion of this vital infrastructure.

The Future of EV Charging in India

With government backing, technological advancements, and the surge in EV adoption, India’s EV charging landscape looks promising. A robust infrastructure will foster a greener and more sustainable transportation ecosystem.


Opening an electric car charging station in India is not just a business venture; it’s a vital step in the country’s transition to clean and sustainable transportation. By meticulously considering charger selection, navigating state policies, and leveraging government support, you can contribute significantly to India’s electric vehicle revolution.

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