Boosting EV Safety: New EV Testing Facilities in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata

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In response to the surging popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), the Indian government is ramping up its efforts to enhance EV testing facilities for these eco-friendly automobiles. With an increasing number of EV manufacturers entering the market, it’s imperative to ensure the safety and reliability of not just the vehicles but also their critical components like batteries, battery systems, and charging stations

Expanding EV Testing Infrastructure

To accommodate this growing demand, plans are in motion to establish state-of-the-art EV testing facilities at National Test House (NTH) labs in Mumbai and Kolkata, as well as at the Regional Reference Standard Laboratory (RRSL) in Bengaluru. These facilities will receive support from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to bolster their testing capabilities.

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A Comprehensive Approach

The need for more testing facilities is underscored by the surge in battery and vehicle manufacturing. Notably, the government is broadening its scope to include the safety evaluation of charging stations, in addition to batteries and battery systems. This comprehensive approach is aimed at fostering the safety of the entire electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem.

Switching to Safety

Recognizing the critical role of switch gears in electrical circuits, NTH Mumbai is also setting up testing infrastructure for these essential components. Switch gears, which include devices like circuit breakers and switch fuse units, play a crucial role in controlling and protecting electrical circuits.

Streamlining EV Testing

As part of these efforts, the government is working to reduce testing times. Currently, the average testing duration for electric vehicles (EVs) is around 30 days. This streamlining is expected to expedite the testing and certification processes, making it more efficient for manufacturers to bring their electric vehicles (EVs) to market.

Prioritizing EV Testing For Safety

These initiatives come in the wake of last year’s amendment to testing standards for EV batteries, which introduced additional safety requirements. This move was prompted by several incidents of fires involving electric vehicles (EVs). The government is committed to ensuring that EVs meet rigorous safety standards to promote their adoption and ensure the well-being of consumers.

Industry Responds

The automotive industry is also actively participating in bolstering electric vehicle (EV) safety. Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) Ltd, a prominent auto manufacturer, announced its plans to establish an EV battery testing facility at Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) in Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu. Such initiatives from both the government and the private sector demonstrate a concerted effort to make EVs safer and more reliable for the masses.

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