How to Find Ola Hyper Charging Stations? A Comprehensive Guide

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In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable transportation, Ola Electric has emerged as a prominent player, aiming to revolutionize the way we perceive electric mobility. As electric scooters gain traction as a cleaner and more efficient mode of transportation, Ola Electric has taken a significant step forward with its Hypercharger initiative. In this blog, we will delve into the details of how to locate Ola Hyper Charging Stations, their benefits, and the ambitious plans of Ola Electric to reshape the EV charging infrastructure across India.

The Rise of Ola Hyperchargers

As of November 4, 2022, Ola Electric has launched an impressive fleet of 50 operational charging stations as part of its Hypercharger network. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Ola Electric has set forth an ambitious goal to establish 1 lakh public chargers across 400 cities in India. These chargers, aptly named ‘Hyperchargers’, hold the promise of delivering 50 kilometers of charge in just 15 minutes, effectively addressing the issue of limited range that often concerns electric scooter users.

Locating Ola Hyper Charging Stations

While the current 50 operational Hyperchargers are indeed a commendable start, Ola Electric envisions a much more extensive network to facilitate intercity travel and make electric scooters a viable choice for longer commutes. To locate these charging stations, Ola Electric offers a user-friendly approach. A dedicated application simplifies the process of finding a charging site, plugging in your electric scooter, monitoring the charging progress, and even facilitating seamless payment once your scooter is fully charged.

To assist users in locating the nearest Hypercharger, Ola Electric provides a scooter dashboard and its proprietary app. Additionally, Ola Hyperchargers will soon be integrated into Google Maps, making the process even more convenient for users.

For now you can easily locate the Ola Hyper Charger from the Ola electric Official website.

Benefits of Ola Hyperchargers

Beyond their convenience and rapid charging capabilities, Ola Hyperchargers offer several notable benefits for electric scooter users:

  1. Efficient Charging: Hyperchargers can provide up to 50 kilometers of charge in just 15 minutes, significantly reducing charging time for users on the go.

  2. No User Fee: In a commendable move, Ola Electric has waived user fees for a limited time, making the transition to electric mobility even more appealing.

  3. Network Expansion: Ola Electric’s plan to deploy 1 lakh public chargers across 400 cities demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the charging infrastructure and accelerating the adoption of electric two-wheelers.

  4. Intercity Travel: By strategically placing Hyperchargers along highways, Ola Electric aims to make intercity travel feasible, eliminating range anxiety and making long-distance journeys more convenient.

A Glimpse into the Future

Ola Electric’s Hypercharger initiative is not only a testament to their commitment to sustainable transportation but also a glimpse into the future of EV charging infrastructure. As of now, the charging stations are free, but it’s reasonable to expect that the company might introduce subscription plans or nominal fees to streamline transactions.

Furthermore, Ola Electric’s ambitious plan to establish 1 lakh public chargers reflects the growing momentum of the electric vehicle movement in India. With a focus on creating charging stations in high-traffic areas like malls, IT parks, and commercial complexes, Ola Electric is ensuring that users have easy access to charging facilities, further incentivizing the adoption of electric two-wheelers.

In conclusion, the advent of Ola Hyperchargers marks a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable transportation future. As the network expands and evolves, the limitations of electric scooter range will gradually become a thing of the past. With Ola Electric’s innovative approach and unwavering commitment, the future of EV charging infrastructure in India indeed looks electrifying.


Q1: How can I find the nearest Ola Hyper Charging Station?

A1: You can conveniently locate the nearest Hypercharger through the scooter dashboard, Ola Electric app, or soon on Google Maps.

Q2: What are the steps to use the Hypercharger?

A2: At the Hypercharger station, simply take out the available charger, plug it into the scooter charging port, and monitor the charging progress. Once charged, press the ‘Stop Charging’ button on the scooter dashboard and unplug the charger.

Q3: How much time does the scooter take to charge at the Hypercharger?

A3: Ola Hyperchargers offer rapid charging, providing up to 50 km of range in just 15 minutes.

Q4: Is there a fee for using the Ola Hypercharger?

A4: For a limited time, Ola scooter customers can enjoy free usage of the Hyperchargers.

Q5: Can I charge other electric scooters or 4-wheelers at the Ola Hypercharger?

A5: Ola Hyperchargers are designed exclusively for charging Ola Electric scooters.

Q6: Can I charge my Ola scooter when it’s raining?

A6: Yes, Ola Hyperchargers come with IP protection class IP54, ensuring you can charge your scooter worry-free even under rainy conditions.

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